Alan Skinner has been doing archaeology in Texas and other parts of the Southwest for more than four decades and is actively involved in directing ARC investigations throughout the states of Texas and Oklahoma. He graduated from the University of New Mexico and received his PhD from Southern Methodist University. He has worked on prehistoric and historic sites throughout Texas and these include Civil War era sites such as a salt works near Tyler, a log cabin site near College Station, and a Confederate earth works at Gonzales. He has also defined late nineteenth and early twentieth century cemeteries. Prehistoric settlement patterns and lithic technology are areas of particular interest to him. He has directed five summer field schools in archeology for the Texas Archeological Society and continues to work with avocational archaeologists throughout the state. He developed the archaeology merit badge for the Boy Scouts of America. He is currently working with private and public agencies, including numerous engineering companies, on wind farms, two lakes, water, sewer, and petroleum pipelines, roads, transmission lines, and landfills. He continues to publish in local, regional, and national journals.